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Daily Face Cleanser

Shave Cream

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Daily Face Moisturizer

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Face Scrub

Daily Face Cleanser

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Daily Face Moisturizer


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Face Scrub

Daily Face Cleanser

Shave Cream

After Shave

Daily Face Moisturizer

I bought three sets for my husband, father, and father in law. They all loved it.


Love this kit! Has everything you need fro the perfect grooming experience. The smell is amazing and leaves my skin feeling super soft! I would definitely buy it again, I absolutely love it!!


My husband loves this and it made a big improvement on the ingrown hairs he would get on his chin


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Why Anthropos?


We sell direct to you and skip the middleman. After being frustrated about spending $20 – $50 on a single, “designer brand” product I set out to find a better way. A better way to bring quality men’s skincare product to the masses at reasonable prices. After spending over a year researching ingredients and testing hundreds of different formulas Anthropos was born. We are a no-frills, quality men’s skincare product line. We have focused our resources on selling one product, The Men’s Essential Skin Care Set. This product delivers a 30-day supply of everything you need directly to your door . No big celebrity endorsements, not major marketing campaigns, just high-quality products at an unbeatable price

We make it Simple

We provide you with everything you need to look and feel great. Shipped directly to your door. Our Essentials Kit comes with a 30 day supply of the following products:
Face Scrub – Deep cleansing, Exfoliates and Revives skin
Daily Face Cleanser – Cleans, Hydrates, and Purifies your skin
Shave Cream – A slick cream that creates an amazing barrier for the closest shave
After Shave – Cools and Restores skin after every shave
Daily Face Moisturizer – Renews your skin and helps protect it from the elements

Never run out, never smell bad

Cleaning with a Cause – 1% to Alzheimer’s research

Don’t ever be ashamed in being called a “Mama’s Boy.” There’s no shame in loving your mom. Ever. From the earliest memories of mine, my mom has been a shining beacon of inspiration. If not for her wisdom and encouragement, perhaps I’d never have believed enough in myself to create Anthropos Men’s Skincare.

And now I’d like to improve something else with my products. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a disease that degenerates the brain, and as of now, there is no cure. But I’m a hopeful man, and a hard-working one too. Thanks to what my mom always taught me, I will work as hard as I can to help find one.

That’s why we hope you will love our skincare line for men. I am donating 1% of the profits we make to Alzheimer’s research

Men’s Facial Exfoliating Scrub 

Skincare isn’t just about what’s on the surface. There’s so much more than meets the eye. Anthropos Men’s Facial Exfoliating Scrub is the ideal addition to your weekly skincare regimen. This facial scrub for all skin types to erase fine lines while removing dead skin cells to reveal a freshly handsome face ripe for nobility.

Men’s  Face Cleanser 

Anthropos Men’s Skin Care Face Cleanser gives you all the benefits of brilliant skincare with a fine fragrance, all for less!

  • Men’s face cleanser cleans deep into pores
  • Seals moisture into deepest layers of skin
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Masculine sandalwood scent

Men’s Shave Cream   

That smooth, touchable face she loves will now be completely irresistible with Anthropos Men’s Shave Cream. Unlike other creams, we take the art of shaving to the next level so you can achieve shaving perfection with a clean shave every time. Enriched with natural ingredients including vitamins and minerals to keep your skin hydrated and looking your most debonair ever.

  • Non-foaming formula provides close, clean shave
  • Nourishing and hydrating to keep skin looking its best
  • Keeps skin free of irritation and razor bumps
  • Distinguished cedarwood fragrance
  • Designed exclusively for men by men
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Men’s Aftershave

Lock in hydration post shave with Anthropos Men’s Aftershave. Designed exclusively for men by men, this soothing formula is as tough as you are, defending your skin from unwanted elements to keep you looking your most handsome ever. Formulated to seal in skin’s natural moisture so you’ll never look dry and flaky.

Face Moisturizer for Men

You’re the strong one, but you need strong protection to keep you at your best. This daily moisturizer protects from environmental damages your face stands up to every day plus it works to restore skin at the cellular level, smoothing away fine lines with the exclusive anti-wrinkle formula.

  • Protects skin from daily abuse of external elements
  • Locks in moisture to the deepest layers of the dermis
  • Anti-aging formula smooths with a matte finish
  • Face moisturizer for men to use every day
  • Distinguished sandalwood fragrance