It’s official! New Survey proves Women are better drivers than Men

July 17, 2017 Todd Wade 0 Comments

A recent study by Admiral Insurance has finally answered the age old question and often the root of many couples arguing, who is the better driver Men or Women?

The new survey shows the following:

Men have an annual average mileage of 7004, 564 miles more than the women’s average of 6440.

On average, men spend more time driving than women and funnily enough they spend a higher percentage of that time speeding. And with men being in the car more often, they also face driving at riskier times and in bad weather.

Some other interesting facts the study showed:

Safest Drivers by Car Type
Best Drivers – Chevy
Worst – Audi

Safest Driver by Age Range:
Best Drivers – Age 56-60
Worst Drivers – Age 21-25

Safest Drivers by Car Color
Best – Red
Worst – Yellow

So while this is not 100% scientific, we can say that Women between the age of 56-60, who drive Red Chevy’s are a safe bet to get you where you need to go.

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