Men’s Skin Care Information

July 16, 2017 Todd Wade 0 Comments

Who said: “men that: groom their hair, apply creams and body lotions are just for fashion models or gay people?”

Many people said that is just the path to get female attraction, which they really do like men that shapes their body. But is more than that…it shows his personality, style and somebody that take care of his health. After all, is taking care of their body “container”: the skin.

It is not just that guy that chose the nicest car color or washes his car every day to be the envy on the neighborhood… It is that guy that thinks that taking care of the outside, will always made his car to be protected on the inside.

Every day, more men are determined to look after their skin. Many started using some creams, lotions to make them look young, hide stress, dissimulate their vacation tan to their coworkers to avoid jealousy. Perhaps is just to get rid of wrinkles, scars or some women scratches after a wild night. I bet you that you fall in at least in any of the categories described above,  or perhaps most of them?

But before using any cream, it would be better to understand what are our needs and what is best for the skin. Let’s divide men type according to skin preferences:
Men who are really detailed with their skin:

–  Men’s Face Cream/Lotion is the most recommended for them, but before this might be better to start with the cream cleanser. After all any imperfection might ruin their day
Men with no time:

– This guy’s only notice their skin while being in front of the mirror. May be a face scrub and a wrinkle cream might be the best choice, before asking the mirror who is the most lovely in the kingdom?

Men that hates cream: This guys will never chose even a latte. They are males and cannot show their sensitive side… Won’t be able to convince them to try the white, soft, fluffy side, etc

…  But unless they have beard, a soft shave cream will be inevitable…Not even the rudest guy on earth will tolerate a shave without shave cream…
After accepting the cream, they will have to press hard their teeth and have no scream once the after shave balm is applied.

Men with dry skin:
Might try face cream and lotions to moisturize to make your dermis fresh, but before why don’t you try a face scrub to eliminate any kind of impurity
Men that hates beauty product:
This guy’s hate beauty products but won’t miss the opportunity to have a nice perfume odor when dating women….

Men that likes touching their beard:
A good trick could be to shave with the cream lotion and the coulter, which is much better than the razor blade. But if your beard has big volume, first cut it dry and go for the lotions afterwards.
So no matter what is your preference, try entering a new world where you can be part of it, and which every day more and more men are accepting these new products…

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