Guys, Skin Care Scrub Does Not Involve Sandpaper

July 16, 2017 Todd Wade 0 Comments

Let’s get this on the table right away. The best men’s face cleanser is not sandpaper…or grease…or dirt. Although there are times when one of those or combinations of all three can help remove dead skin cells, they really are not what men’s grooming is all about in this day and age. Sure, maybe back when the guys were fighting with the other cavemen to win the attention of the pretty stringy-haired girl who lived behind the rock at the end of the river it may have worked. Nowadays, you really need to put your best face forward and it involves a little bit of primping.

We know what you are thinking. Men’s grooming is not for you or the rest of the guys you hang out with, but have you really had ‘that conversation’ the last time y’all hit the links? Chances are that if they really wanted to share you would discover that in every medicine cabinet of each of the guys is one of their ‘secret weapons’ that only gets pulled out on date night.

Anthropos Men’s Skincare Company wants to be your secret weapon. They produce products that will make your face glad you gave it a scrub with something other than a rasp. Seriously, if you are hoping to get the girl, get the job or feel good about yourself, you need to do something that actually works and makes you feel good. Pampering is good, even if you refuse to use the word.

For example, if you have any kind of problem skin ranging from oily to dry and everything in-between, you can benefit from the best men’s face cleanser known as a skin care scrub. We’re talking exfoliation and that’s not a dirty word even if you aren’t all that sure how to use it in a sentence. How it works is simple. You have a nice hot shower, shave and shampoo. Then you give yourself a skin care scrub.

The skin care scrub opens up the clogged pores on your face and removes dead skin cells. Don’t bother trying to find them in your fogged up mirror as you’ll just have to trust us that they are there. Follow that up with our face wash – the best men’s face cleanser in our product line and pat dry. Then BOOM! you have just done something commonly known as men’s grooming.

Your face will love it! You will love how everyone else loves it and you’ll wonder why you never did it before. Remember, men’s grooming is not something to ignore. It is something to embrace and with the best men’s face cleanser from Anthropos Men’s Skincare Company you can pamper yourself in the privacy of your home and no one else will have to know about it. Even the guys who still think rubbing dirt on it solves all skin care problems!

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